Energy Audit & Management

The Energy Management Cell of CII- Northern Region is now an integral part of Centre. All the existing services of the Cell are now being offered under the umbrella of the Centre.
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Energy Audit (Detail)
As per the Energy Conservation Act-2001, Energy Audit is defined as “the verification, monitoring and analysis of use of energy including submission of technical report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost benefit analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption”.
Why Energy Audit?



Types of Energy Audit
These depend on

Detailed Energy Audit (Details)
It offers the most accurate estimate of savings and cost. It considers the interactive efforts all the projects , accounts for the energy use of all major equipment and includes detailed energy cost saving calculations and project cost.
The methodology adopted by CII-Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness for carring out detailed energy audit is as follows-
Preliminary Energy Audit:

Submission of Techno-Commercial Proposal

Detailed Energy Audit

                a.    Energy Saving Proposals
                b.    Back-up Calculations
                c.    Present Energy Consumption Scenario
                d.    Guide lines for implementation
                e.    Managerial Guidelines
                f.    Vendor List
Training (Details)
CII-Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness promises an educative approach through Training Programme on energy auditing and energy management covering the following topics:

The Centre conducts following trainings :

The objectives of the Training Programme are as follows:

Questionnaire (linked to word document)